Organizational Structure and Operation - Revised January 2011

CRFSC Mission

The California Retail Food Safety Coalition (CRFSC) is committed to reducing food borne illness in the State of California through the effective and efficient implementation of the California Retail Food Safety Code (CalCode) with a sound, science-based retail food safety regulatory foundation, uniform inspection reporting and the training of both regulators and the retail food service industry.

The CRFSC provides a non-adversarial forum that allows all of the constituencies interested in retail food service industry to work collaboratively toward a common goal of reducing food borne illness.


The CRFSC intends to accomplish its mission through the implementation of the following tasks:

A. Maintain an ongoing process to review CalCode in light of changes in the FDA Food Code and other retail food safety developments.

B. Promote standardization and consistency in interpretation and enforcement of CalCode.

C. Promote training and education for regulators and for retail food industry.

D. Support the establishment and use of a conflict resolution mechanism.

E. Provide a forum and process to analyze and provide resolution to specific retail food regulation issues of regional or statewide importance.

F. Serve as a de facto advisory body and resource to the California Legislature, the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) and the California Department of Food and Agriculture.

G. Engage in legislative and regulatory advocacy as appropriate.

H. Undertake other additional tasks necessary to accomplish its mission.

CRFSC Membership

CRFSC membership will continue to be open to the core constituencies which include the retail food industry and retail food regulators and retired individuals from these core constituencies.

The CRFSC may seek input from other organizations and constituencies with respect to a specific issue submission:

· Food Security: Such as the Western Institute of Food Safety and Security.

· Academia: Such as the U.C. Davis Food Science Department and/or Loma Linda University.

· Physicians: Such as California Conference of Local Health Officers (CCLHO)

· Food Production: Such as the California Dept. of Food and Agriculture

· Consumers Groups: Such as, Safe Tables our Priority or the American Association of Retired Persons

Membership forms can be downloaded at

CRFSC Structure and Governance

A. Dues: $50 per year and $25 per meeting. No fee for subcommittee participation.

B. Voting:

All members current on their membership dues have a vote. All decisions shall be taken on a majority vote of members voting.

All legislative and regulatory (rulemaking) action shall require a majority vote with no veto vote cast.

C. Veto authority: Veto authority shall be retained by CDPH; California Directors of Environmental Health (CCDEH) and five industry groups (restaurants; lodging; food retailers – share a vote (e.g. supermarkets, chain drugstores, convenience stores); farmers' markets; mobile units/fairs – share a vote.

NOTE: A motion to limit the veto authority to CDPH, CCDEH, restaurant association, lodging association, grocers/retailers and mobile units/fairs was passed on July 20, 2006.

D. Standing Committees: The three standing subcommittees of the CRFSC shall be:

SUBCOMMITTEE A: Charged with reviewing the most recent version of the Model Food Code for possible additions/changes to the CalCode.

SUBCOMMITTEE B: Charged with reviewing Issue Submissions as submitted to the committee.

SUBCOMMITTEE C: Charged with developing interpretative guidelines at the request of the steering committee.

E. CalCode Implementation & Interpretation Resolution Committee (CCIIRC)

The CCIIRC is charged with providing objective third party review of disputes that meet specified criteria in order to provide guidance on the interpretation and implementation of CalCode or recommend revisions to CalCode. Refer to the CalCode Implementation & Interpretation Resolution Process posted on the CRFSC website at

The CCIIRC Committee shall be comprised of members from the following:

I. California Dept. of Public Health, Food and Drug Branch – Chairperson and potential tie breaker.

II. California Conference of Directors of Environmental Health Regions 1,2,3 and 4

III. CCDEH Food Safety Policy Committee Chairperson

IV. California Restaurant Association

V. Grocers Association

VI. Retailers Association

VII. Temporary/Mobile Food Facilities

VIII. Hotel/Motel Association

IX. US Food and Drug Administration (Advisory Only)

X. Academia (Advisory Only)

In order for the CCIIRC to consider a dispute/conflict, there shall be a quorum of at least four representatives from the retail food industry and four representatives from regulators (CCDEH).

F. Executive Committee: The current "Steering Committee" will continue to serve as the Executive Committee.

Executive Committee shall be comprised of members from the following:

I. CRFSC Chair and Vice-Chair


II. Retail Food Service Industry – Member from the hotel and lodging association, the California Grocers Association/California Retailers Association and the California Restaurant Association.

III. Subcommittee chairs – A, B, C

IV. Representative from the California Department of Public Health

G. Full membership meetings

Chair – facilitates the CRFSC committee meetings

Vice-Chair – facilitates the CRFSC committee meeting when the chair is absent and approves information prior to posting on the website

Secretary – responsible for taking minutes of the meeting and forwarding to the Steering Committee for review and approval

Treasurer – responsible for handling all finances for the committee currently assigned to the California Retailers Association

Website Liaison – updates the website and posts documents as approved by the Vice-Chair.

Subcommittee Chairs – responsible for planning and facilitating meetings, preparing minutes of the meetings, and presenting majority and minority subcommittee reports to the full CRFSC membership.

The Chair and Vice Chair roles will be rotated every 2 years between a representative of CCDEH and the retail food industry.

H. Administration: California Retailers Association will maintain administrative functions of dues billing, financial recordkeeping, meeting preparation, and collection of per-meeting fees as deemed necessary by the CRFSC.