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Important New Laws and Guidelines for 2017-2018 (adopted in 2016)

- pdf California Menu Labeling Guidelines - December 2016 (124 KB)

- pdf SB 1067 Amendments and Revisions to Cal Code - Effective 2017-01-01 (157 KB)

- pdf SB 1067 Appendix A - Comparison of Code Language (232 KB)

Conflict / Dispute Resolution Petition

The CRFSC recognizes that discords or disputes regarding the implementation of CalCode may occasionally arise between the retail food industry and Enforcement Agencies. The intention of this process is to provide an objective third party review for resolving disputes.

Petitions will be processed by CRFSC only when all of the FOLLOWING CRITERIA ARE MET:

1) The conflict/dispute is an interpretation of CalCode;

2) All attempts at resolution have been exhausted at the local level; and

3) The conflict/dispute has statewide or regional impact

Download the CRFSC Conflict / Dispute Resolution Petition Form (PDF)

The Food Safety Modernization Act, HR 2751, was signed into law on January 4, 2011 by President Obama...more info

The California Retail Food Safety Coalition (CRFSC) was formed in December 1993 as the “Committee to Review CURFFL”[1] when a group of interested parties (local environmental health officials, the Food and Drug Branch of the Department of Health Services (now known as the California Department of Public Health (CDPH), and various segments of the retail food service industry) met to discuss a number of troublesome issues which they all faced. The "founders" of the CRFSC were concerned about, among other things, the fact that during previous years there had been a rash of special-interest legislation that was introduced at the urging of selected members of the food service industry. Unfortunately, much of that new legislation was not based upon sound public health principles. [more info]

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So, what is the CRFSC, What are its goals, etc.?

   1. What Is the CRFSC and Why Does It Exist?
   2. What Are the Coalition’s Goals and Objectives?
   3. Who Are the Members of the Coalition?
   4. How Are Issues Considered and Decisions Are Made by the Coalition?
   5. What Has the Coalition Accomplished?

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