CalCode - Retail Food Law in CA

SB 744 is the CalCode clean-up bill that addresses several technical errors (typos, spelling, grammar, syntax, incorrect code citations, etc.) that were identified after CalCode was signed into law but prior to the July 1, 2007 implementation date.  SB 744 was limited primarily to those errors that were non-controversial.  The reason for this was to ensure that the California Retail Food Safety Coalition (CRFSC) process was not circumvented.  Also, SB 744 had an urgency clause that required a 2/3 (rather than simple majority) approval in each legislative house.  Any controversy would likely have prevented the bill from receiving the required number of votes.  The plan was to have SB 744 become law as soon as possible after the July 1.  We came pretty close: Governor Schwarzenegger signed SB 744 into law on July 20, 2007.  Due to the urgency clause, SB 744 became law the same day that the Governor signed the bill.

pdf  CalCode With SB 744 Updates (284.56 kB)

pdf  SB 744 - Summary Table (28.88 kB)

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